United States Patent

United States Patent

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) (www.uspto.gov) is the Administrative Agency responsible for granting United States Patents.  The USPTO has valuable information that it offers for free to those looking to learning more about United States Patents, including information on how to do-it-yourself (i.e., file an application seeking a patent grant) and a pro se assistance program.

USE CAUTION BEFORE ENGAGING INVENTION HELP COMPANIES:  There will always be individuals and companies (e.g., so-called invention help companies) that prey on the hopes, dreams, and entrepreneurial spirit of individuals pursuing their creative endeavors and innovations.  Before seeking the help of any company, even a patent attorney or patent agent, familiarize yourself with the USPTO’s Scam Prevention tips and the published complaints against various companies and firms. 

IMPORTANT:  The USPTO can only regulate individual patent attorneys and patent agents that are registered to practice before it.  The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for investigating complaints against “invention help” companies. 

The USPTO maintains a list of active registered United States Patent Attorneys on its website. You can also conduct a keyword Internet search for “active roster of USPTO patent practitioners” to find the USPTO.gov search feature.


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